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Forrest Roofing Contractors offers a full repair or renewal service for both domestic and commercial properties that have a flat roof irrespective of whether it is asphalt, felt or single ply rubber membrane.

A poor condition, leaking or pooling flat roof should be inspected and repaired as quickly as possible in order to minimise water damage that is likely to be caused to the underlying structural timber and masonry as a result.

Don’t delay, call us today if you have any issues with your flat roof – a speedy repair is always more cost effective than waiting until such problems mount up and water makes its way through the structure and into the inside of your property causing damp and mould problems which are bad for your house and bad for your family’s health.

Flat roofs have acquired a poor reputation in the UK over the years as being inferior and more prone to leaks and damage than traditional pitched tiled roofs but with modern flat roofing products, correct installation and regular maintenance this is no longer the case.

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Flat roof repair

If you are experiencing problems with your existing flat roof then call Forrest Roofing Contractors today and we will come out and inspect your roof, provide you with a prompt diagnosis of the problem and the solutions available. We have repaired all kinds of flat roofs from domestic garages through to factory roofs so have the necessary specialist knowledge to know the most effective repairs for your flat roof and its specific issues.

Common flat roof problems

Ponding (also known as pooling) – this is when water does not drain away and simply lies in situ on the roof. The constant presence of this water both adds additional weight stress to the structure of the building and the constant exposure to moisture rapidly affects seals and joints.

This water build up can lead to the growth of mosses and weeds on your flat roof, causing further damage and choking gutters and downpipes when it becomes dislodged. Ponding can be caused by poor initial design and/or installation but we have found that it does not always mean that a new roof is required and repair is possible (depending on the extent, depth and length of time that pooling has occurred).

The high tech nature of modern repair products on offer today mean that an old roof with ponding problems can often be repaired. Call Forrest Roofing Contractors today if you have a flat roof ponding problem in the west of Scotland.

Cracking, sagging and failure of the roof covering, particularly at edges and abutments – this is where visible cracking, break-up or gaps appear at joints in the asphalt roof surface. As with ponding, this can be caused by sub-standard initial installation e.g. not allowing for structural movement of the underlying building or for the expansion and contraction caused by the variation in temperature we experience in Glasgow and the west of Scotland.

Older asphalt flat roofs were often finished in stones which trap moisture and were also not finished with protective coating to minimise damage caused by constant exposure to sunlight so they will now be subject to break up simply due to aging, especially at stress points such as at the edges of the roof and where they meet walls and skylights.

If you notice any of these problems with your flat roof then call Forrest Roofing Contractors and we can assess your roof and advise you on the best course of action to repair your flat roof.

Modern flat roof repair technologies

  • Liquid roofing – products such as Liquiflex Roof Sealant can be used to repair and seamlessly seal an existing asphalt roof surface to make it waterproof once again by covering the existing surface with a flexible coating that is similar to rubber. It is a technology which has grown in popularity in recent years combining a reasonably-priced but highly effective solution that protects and extends the life of an existing flat roof in need of repair. It is also less invasive that some other forms of flat roof repair.

  • Single-ply EPDM rubber – this membrane can be used both as an overlay for covering an existing flat roof to protect it from further damage or as a standalone replacement or new flat roof. At Forrest Roofing Contractors we use only high quality Firestone EPDM rubber for such flat roof repairs or installations. This roof covering can be deployed in projects of any size and provides a durable, flexible, waterproof membrane free of the cracking and breakup experienced with older, more traditional asphalt products. A testament to the durability of Firestone Rubber Cover is that the manufacturer advises a likely life expectancy of some 50 years.

Whatever the nature of the problem with your existing flat roof, call Forrest Roofing Contractors today and we can advise you of the best possible flat roof repair solution for you.

Flat roof replacement

Sometimes an existing flat roof is simply beyond economic repair or has reached the end of its lifespan (common with older asphalt roofs) and flat roof replacement is the only option.

At Forrest Roofing Contractors we have dealt with all kinds of problems on all kinds of flat roof and recognise that a quality, professional installation by experienced roofing contractors is the most important initial consideration if you require a new or replacement flat roof.

Care needs to be given to design, material selection, drainage, layout, proper fitting, sealing and finishing to ensure that a flat roof is correctly installed in the first place which will massively reduce later problems which can occur very soon after a poor flat roof install by a less-than-professional contractor.

Our company is highly experienced in the installation of flat roofs and our qualified roofers ensure that the job is done right first time and that your new flat roof is correctly fitted to manufacturer’s instructions and suitably finished to ensure maximum lifespan.

Flat roof repair or replacement service

At Forrest Roofing Contractors we appreciate that intricacies of repairing or installing a flat roof and the care and expertise that is required at every stage of the process from material selection to final sealing in order to ensure a watertight and long lasting finished flat roof.

We provide a professional and guarantee-backed job to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your refurbished or replacement flat roof by means of the following:

  • A comprehensive survey, quote and ongoing communication throughout the project to ensure that you are kept fully informed of costs, progress and any issues as they arise
  • Only using high quality roofing products of all types from felt, asphalt, liquid roofing and EPDM rubber membrane
  • Employment of roofers experienced in the use of flat roofing best practice to ensure a lasting end product installed as efficiently as possible
  • Our ability to access other trades of known experience and quality
  • A commitment to respect your property, neighbourhood and safety so our employees will follow recognised health & safety procedures, keep noise and disruption to an absolute minimum and be respectful of your property and clean the work area upon completion.
  • We fully guarantee our new flat roofs for a period of 10 years.

The aim of Forrest Roofing Contractors is to provide total customer satisfaction. We want you to be delighted with your new or repaired flat roof and how we have conducted ourselves before, during and after the reroofing process.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to looking after you and ensuring that our flat roofing work represents long term value for money to you and is a high quality improvement to your home or business property.

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